Catton Arthur

Music and Audio for Multimedia

Non-binary(they/he) musician living in Los Angeles. BA in Recording Arts from Chico State, been doing music and audio professionally since 2012.

I love nostalgia and media degradation. I have a cave full of audio tools from 1983 - 2004, especially 90's and early 2000's studio sound modules. I've got pro grade, late model cassette decks and VCRs for authentic consumer tape effects. Especially hit me up for horror and any kind of retro/nostalgia themed projects, or if you want prog rock

Have some professional quotes:

Alyssa, producer on many projects at Akupara:
"Catton is one of the most talented and versatile individual people I've gotten a chance to work with. The things they can do on a technical and creative level...Catton makes all the rest of us look bad with how talented they are. Having anything in a game next to stuff that Catton did is like the coolest thing in the world."

Gabe, producer at NPC Games(Fields of Mistria):
"far and away the most competent developer i have ever worked with" also "SOUNDS LIKE A RUNESCAPE SPELL I LOVE IT"

Davide Pellino, creative director on (redacted):

Neon goblin vomit studio: