Catton Arthur

Audio and Music for Multimedia

Non-binary(they/he) sound designer/composer living in Los Angeles. BA in Recording Arts from Chico State, been doing audio professionally since 2012.

I love nostalgia and media degradation. I have a cave full of audio tools from 1983 - 2004, especially 90's and early 2000's studio sound modules. I've got pro grade, late model cassette decks and VCRs for authentic consumer tape effects, they're so I can control the level of media distortion. Especially hit me up for horror and any kind of retro/nostalgia themed projects.

Have some professional quotes:

Alyssa, producer on many projects at Akupara:
"Catton is one of the most talented and versatile individual people I've gotten a chance to work with. The things they can do on a technical and creative level...Catton makes all the rest of us look bad with how talented they are. Having anything in a game next to stuff that Catton did is like the coolest thing in the world."

Gabe, producer at NPC Games(Fields of Mistria):
"far and away the most competent developer i have ever worked with" also "SOUNDS LIKE A RUNESCAPE SPELL I LOVE IT"

Davide Pellino, creative director on (redacted):

Neon goblin vomit studio: