Catton Arthur

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Fields Of Mistria

Fields of Mistria is an in-development farming sim with an aesthetic somewhere between SNES Harvest Moon and a PS1 RPG, I'm contributing music and doing the sound design!

I can't talk about the music much because none has been publicly released yet!

For sound design I'm relying mostly on the resources a sound designer around 1996 would have had. It's rarely chip sounds, it's mostly sample based with low resolution samples and utilizes emulated game console onboard processing. These signal chains and tracker based design decisions are emulated in Logic. A lot of these samples are from period appropriate sound modules and vintage sound libraries. I'm using a Proteus 2000, a Roland JV-2080, and a Korg TR-Rack. There is a bit of Roland SC-55 in there as well.

Fields of Mistria on Steam! Wishlist!
Fields of Mistria's website
Fields of Mistria on Twitter

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